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Dealing with Difficult People



This series of seminars will enable you to understand the different ways people try to manipulate you.  You might not think that passive people do not manipulate you - but they do!

Learn about passive, passive resistant, indirect aggressive, aggressive and passive aggressive manipulators.  You'll learn how to control your anger and stress levels and obtain a psychological edge by improving your people skills.

Knowing techniques that work for dealing with difficult manipulators can boost your confidence, improve your competence, reduce stress and anxiety and increase your enthusiasm for life.

You'll experience a feeling of accomplishment when you handle difficult situations well.  You employer, family, relatives and friends will trust and rely on you; will think twice before pushing you around; and will be more willing to try to please you.

How do I know the techniques really work? Because more than 51,000 participants have attended my Dealing with Difficult People seminar and have given their input. Many took the time to write to me with examples of how they dealt with particularly difficult situations. Those contributions are scattered throughout the seminars. I endorse every technique and use them regularly. Not only do I handle difficult situations better, but I've also gained control of my reactions to negative situations. So can you!


Steps to take when making a purchase:

1.  Make sure you give yourself adequate time to view the presentation. Even though most sessions are from 30 to 40 minutes, you may wish to pause or go back to earlier slides. You may also like to take notes along the way, so one session might take you from one to three hours, depending on how long you wish to take.

2.  Choose the session you wish to take.

3.  Follow the prompts for payment.

4.  Download and print out the seminar notes so you can add your own comments as you proceed through the session.

5.  Click on the free bonus chapter from one of Roberta Cava's books about Dealing with Difficult People.


Choose one or all of the following sessions that cost only $25.00 per session:


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