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Seminar - Dealing with Difficult People - Session 04 Dealing With Supervisors From Hell! Part 1

Seminar - Dealing with Difficult People - Session 04 Dealing With Supervisors From Hell! Part 1

Seminar - Dealing with Difficult People - Session 04 Dealing With Supervisors From Hell! Part 1

Product Details:

Do you report to a Supervisor from Hell?  
Does your boss push rather than lead?  
Is your boss a bully?

If so, Roberta’s two Dealing with Difficult Supervisors sessions will help you.  Learn how to deal with Supervisors from Hell who do the following:

Session One:

  • Discipline their staff in front of co-workers or clients.
  • Harass staff through bullying or sexual harassment.
  • Supervisor has temper tantrums.  
  • Uses authoritarian style of management - abuses power.
  • Boss is moody – has unpredictable behaviour.
  • Boss gives labels.  Labels staff’s behaviour (stupid, dumb) or
  • makes sarcastic remarks, instead of trying to correct the
  • actual behaviour of the staff member.
  • Won’t keep promises.
  • Won’t back up staff.
  • Don’t provide an up-to-date job description with key performance
  • indicators and standards of performance for the tasks performed by
  • their staff.
  • Don’t provide the necessary training to fill the gap between job
  • requirements and employee’s skills.
  • Manager does supervisor’s staff’s performance appraisals.
  • Performance appraisals.
  • Nepotism.
  • Can not manage time.
  • Shows favouritism and bias.
  • Immature supervisor.

Session Two:

  • Leadership style of supervisor/manager.
  • Poor motivator
  • Restrictive supervision.
  • Lack of recognition.
  • Monotonous work.
  • Little opportunity to try new ideas.
  • No opportunity to acquire new skills.
  • Absence of job description and performance appraisals.
  • Discrepancy between pay and level of work performed.
  • Unpaid overtime.
  • Poor delegation.
  • Do as I say – not do as I do.
  • Lacking company policies and procedures.
  • Poor work ethic.
  • Obsessive perfectionism.
  • My boss steals my ideas.
  • Acting capacity.
  • Failure to respect privacy.
  • Failure to provide opportunities for growth.
  • No development – low interest in job.
  • Supervisor unavailable.
  • Won’t listen to my ideas.
  • Workaholic boss.
  • Won’t discipline staff.
  • Manager lets staff by-pass me.
  • Authoritarian style of management – abuse of power.
  • Personality clashes.

Learn how to deal with your own Supervisor from Hell by obtaining Roberta Cava’s 38 and 36 minute home-
based, on-line seminars entitled:

Dealing with Difficult Supervisors – Part One ($25.00)
Dealing with Difficult Supervisors – Part Two ($25.00)

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