January 2014 Dealing with Difficult People Newsletter

Roberta Cava - Thursday, January 02, 2014



Last month we discussed the release of the revised paperback edition of Roberta Cava’s internationally best-selling book: Dealing with Difficult Situations – at Work and at Home.


This month, we announce the release of the revised paperback edition of her book Dealing with Difficult Relatives and In-Laws. Roberta has presented her seminar Dealing with Difficult People to over 54,000 participants world-wide for over three decades. She is the author and publisher of 22 other books (paperback, eBooks and audio books).


Why not consider purchasing her revised edition of:




How to deal with angry, demanding and manipulative relatives and In-laws.


At one time or another, everyone has had to deal with frustrating relatives and in-laws who are irritating, rude, impatient or aggressive. This book outlines useful techniques that will help anyone ‘keep their cool’ when faced with annoying siblings, relatives, seniors, parents or in-laws.


Dealing with Difficult Relatives and In-laws is an absolute must if you’ve had to deal with manipulators who expertly push your buttons or if you allow others to make you feel angry, hurt, guilty or frustrated.


Chapter 1 - Evaluate your actions  

Chapter 2 - What kind of person are you?

Chapter 3 - Communication skills for dealing with difficult people 

Chapter 4 – Difficult Siblings 

Chapter 5 - Difficult Relatives 

Chapter 6 – Difficult Seniors 

Chapter 7 - Parents  



If you wish to order a copy of this newly revised paperback edition: go to

The cost is $15.99 plus shipping and handling.


Or, order a copy of the eBook or audio version ($9.99 each): go to:



Tip of the day:


Excerpts from Roberta Cava's internationally best-selling book - Dealing with Difficult People - How to deal with nasty customers, demanding bosses and uncooperative colleagues.


How to deal with Hostile People


These habitually belligerent people take their anger out on you.  They're so weighed down by jealousy, rage or resentment that only by throwing stones at others do they get the lift they need to go on.  This causes others to defend themselves or retaliate.  To overcome:


1.      Wait till they’ve calmed down.  Don’t let them bait you into making statements you don’t want to make (the temptation to retaliate will be strong.)

2.      Talk about the matter with them in calm manner. 

3.      Agree on how you're going to proceed. 

4.      Encourage them to obtain help in handling their anger.


Why not look up our web page and learn all about the books Roberta has written? (Sample chapters are free.)

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