May 2014 Dealing with Difficult People Newsletter

Roberta Cava - Friday, May 02, 2014

Last month I gave you a link that explained how you could order any of my paperback  and eBooks. Just go to:

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This month, I have listed all the large print books we sell:


Dealing with Difficult People: $19.99 + Delivery:

Dealing with Difficult Relatives and In-Laws: $17.99 + Delivery:

Dealing with Difficult Spouses and Children: $16.99 + Delivery:

Dealing with Difficult Situations at Work: $14.99 + Delivery:

Dealing with Difficult Situations at Home: $14.99 + Delivery:

Retirement Village Bullies: $14.99 + Delivery:

Stressed Out? $15.99 + Delivery:

Time - Today’s Silent Killer: $14.99 + Delivery:

That Something Special: $14.99 + Delivery:

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Tip of the day:

Excerpts from Roberta Cava's internationally best-selling book - Dealing with Difficult People - How to deal with nasty customers, demanding bosses and uncooperative colleagues.

Hot-headed manipulators 

Others are forced to 'walk on eggs' when around these individuals. They start arguments about anything and everything. They're real scrappers who treat you in a high-handed, hearsh and dictatorial manner. They're abusive, abrasive and gluttons for power. They hog control and seldom delegate. A favourite tactic is to interrupt you in the middle of what you're saying. They're prone to assasinating your character (using labels) as they tear apart your remarks. To overcome:

1. When they blow up unexpectedly, ask them why they're so angry. They won't expect this answer and often you can resolve an issue without retaliating.

2. If they interrupt you say, ‘I haven’t finished speaking. As I was saying . . .’

3. If they attack you in public, deal with them then and there. Defend yourself using facts to back up your side of an issue (not emotions).

4. If you're their manager, let them know that this is unacceptable behaviour and you’ll have to put a written warning on their file if the behaviour continues.

5.  Encourage them to obtain help in handling their anger.

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