November 2013 Dealing with Difficult People Newsletter

Roberta Cava - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Last month we discussed whether you wanted to convert your manuscript into an eBook or Audio Book.

Today we announce the release of the revised paperback edition of the book: Dealing with Difficult People. The author, Roberta Cava has presented that seminar to over 54,000 participants world-wide for over three decades.

Roberta’s book has been an international best-seller since 1990 with 22 publishers and available in 16 languages. She is the author of 22 other books and is also a publisher (paperback, eBooks and audio books).

Why not consider purchasing her revised edition of:



How to deal with Nasty customers,

demanding bosses and uncooperative colleagues

Everyone who has had to deal with irate, rude, impatient or aggressive people in the workplace will welcome this book. Dealing with Difficult People offers detailed, proven strategies for handling stressful situations calmly and professionally and is an absolute must for anyone who wants to defuse tensions and resolve stressful situations. Discover the root causes of poor communication, learn how to deal with the most common personality conflicts and improve your own people skills so that you work better with others.

Completely updated and revised, this international bestseller outlines proven techniques that help workers “keep their cool” in a variety of situations including:

·        Calming angry customers

·        Handling annoying subordinates, co-workers and bosses

·        Dealing with sarcasm and the ‘silent treatment’

·        Preventing abusive language and behaviour

·        Recognising and circumventing office politics

·        Sexual Harassment and Workplace Bullying


Chapter 1 - Understanding behaviour and its effects

Chapter 2 - Dealing with Manipulators (The 115 ways people try to manipulate you and how to deal with them

Chapter 3 - Basic communication skills

Chapter 4 - Dealing with Difficult Clients

Chapter 5 - Workplace bullying

Chapter 6 - Dealing with Difficult Supervisors

Chapter 7 - Dealing with Difficult Co-workers

Chapter 8 - Dealing with Difficult Subordinates 


If you wish to order a copy of this newly revised paperback edition: by going to

The cost is $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

Or, order a copy of the eBook or audio version ($9.99 each) by going to:




Tip of the day:

Excerpts from Roberta Cava's internationally best-selling book - Dealing with Difficult People - How to deal with nasty customers, demanding bosses and uncooperative colleagues.

How to deal with “Time Bomb” manipulators

This type of individual attacks the person not their ideas, often using labels to let them know that their opponent is dumb, stupid or error-prone. If others disagree with their ideas they believe they're being criticised at a personal level so their attack is done with a vengeance. They have no qualms about attacking others in public and like to appear the victor. However, as this person has tackled most observers themselves, they're seldom taken in by the person's behaviour. To overcome:

1.    Don’t let them goad you into making rash statements or to over-react. Keep your cool, using facts to defend your ideas.

2.    Confront them privately; warning them that if they continue to belittle you in public that you will be forced to retaliate.


Why not look up our web page and learn all about the books Roberta has written (sample chapters are free)?

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