October 2013 Dealing with Difficult People Newsletter

Roberta Cava - Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Last month we discussed the audio books we sell on our website.  Today we ask:



Roberta Cava of Cava Consulting is not only an author of 23 books, but she is also a publisher of Books, eBooks and Audio Books.  She can obtain an ISBN number for your book(s) can convert your manuscript into eBook and/or Audio format and give you information on how you can sell your eBook on-line through many e-Book sellers. 


These sellers will convert your eBook into all the necessary formats so that everyone can enjoy your book. In addition to being formatted for regular computer use, you will be able to convert your book into epub, Kindle, lrf, palm, pdf and rte for use with iPhones, iPads and a variety of different tablets and phones.


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Tip of the day: 

Excerpts from Roberta Cava's internationally best-selling book - Dealing with Difficult People - How to deal with nasty customers, demanding bosses and uncooperative colleagues.

How to deal with Childish manipulators at work

They play games with others; interrupt them with childish antics.  They can have the ‘class clown’ mentality where they seek others’ attention by fooling around.  Getting them to accomplish tasks can be a heavy chore.  To overcome:

1.      Arrange a meeting to discuss your displeasure.

2.      Show your encouragement when they improve.

3.      If they act up at meetings, take them aside.

4.      A clearly defined job description that includes set standards of performance on how they are to complete tasks will help.

5.      If the behaviour continues, begin disciplinary steps with written warnings.

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